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Everyone has that one thing that they really love: candy, soda, sleep, friends, family, or just life in general. However in the world of photography there's so many things to love! Portraits, Street, Urban/Urbex, Lifestyle, Wedding and so much more!

When I started my photography journey last year, I realized that there was a huge need for a style of photography that I really loved… That style was Night Photography. I would spend hours on end scrolling through Instagram only to see so many amazing photos of Charlotte, the people of the city and life in the city, but, the one thing that I yearned for so much was more night photos. There were a few shooters who shot some night photos but they also had a good mix of day photos as well. I needed more night photos. I loved the night scenes of the QC. I knew that I was one person shooting nothing but night photography but I assumed there would be more people out there.

I met with Lucas and ran the idea of CLT Night Shooters by him. He loved the idea and was okay with mysef spearheading it. I was 100% dedicated to the cause because if you ever have ran across my page you'll notice that it's mainly dark with lots of color and lights. I knew going in that I wanted to showcase the city I love so much but the night side of it. I started CLT Night Shooters and within a few weeks I began getting tags and photos from all areas of the QC. It started small at first and I had to do some digging to find night shooters and I only knew of a few, but, now it’s slowly turning into the community that I saw in my head. Same community where we all support one another and take amazing photos but we do so at night. Everything you shoot during the day can be shot at night.

I'm hoping over the next year to really grow CLT Night Shooters, host night shooter meetups that aren't just filled with models but night trails, light painting, fire painting and so much more. CLT Night Shooters is 100% for those who may be afraid of shooting at night or that don't have much experience shooting at night. I hope to change that and make everyone love the craft we do even more and show them there's more to photography than just clicking a button.

Stayed tuned for more from CLT Night Shooters because I am so excited for what this year has in store!

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