So You Wanna Have Your Pictures Seen

There are few things harder than building your resume. You can build a following on instagram, but let's face it, they change the algorithm every 6 months, and it doesn't make it easy to show your work. You also aren't getting paid unless you're doing ads, but you can't do ads unless someone hires you. And you can't get hired without a resume. But let's say that you don't have a background in art, and you've been doing this as a hobby for 6 months, and you think that you can really make a living doing photography. You've honed in on your niche, and you have a style, but you have no one who is willing to hire you. It's one of the most frustrating things about the art industry. Lucky for you, there are art galleries and magazines that are always looking for submissions! Some of these opportunities you have to pay to enter, but others are free. It's a good way to add to your resume, without having to worry about maintaining a social media following. You should still probably do that, but it's a lot more interesting way and boost your audience globally.

Kavyar is specifically for entering your photography into magazines! And there is a magazine for everyone!

Call For Entry doesn't just do photography submission. You can enter into almost any visual art field. The mobile site isn't amazing, but highly recommend getting on the email list, and they'll send you an email of popular listings each week.

Submittable is another submission for the arts. They do a lot more for writing and colleges. But they do magazine submissions and some video submissions as well. You can search by field and price!

Good luck and happy hunting!

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