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Photography....One Year Later

They say that there are 525,600 minutes in a year, but how do you measure a year in the life? How about photos?

I remember standing on the aforementioned bridge on Feb 8 2019, it was a cold night and I was slightly terrified to be standing over the 277 interchange. I could feel the bridge vibrate as cars and trucks went underneath me. A week prior, I had tried to take my own life so everything to me at that time was a blur. I was working an 8-5 that absolutely destroyed me mentally, one of my bestfriends at the time did nothing but fight with me every 3 days, my entire world was crumbling. I had to do something.

I had driven by this spot multiple times while completing Uber trips at the Music Factory. I told myself in the weeks before I bought my camera that if I had a camera that I wanted to capture everything that I saw while I was out driving at night. I only drove at night because there was less traffic, people were more relaxed and it was easier to zoom across town. I guess that's why I loved the night so much.

I stood on this bridge and this was the first time that I felt at peace with the never ending . I looked across to the city, I breathed deeply, I listened to the cars, trucks, i stared hard at the skyline and soaked it all in. I probably took 30 photos, the first few were blurry or not what I wanted. I had only had my camera for 3 days and I had no idea what I was doing besides what I learned from YouTube videos.

When the shot finally hit the camera sensor I immediately knew that was the one I wanted. I felt it everywhere in my body. I didn't take any other photos that night and I was okay with what I got. I raced home to edit the photo. Being that I am colorblind I did my best, I saturated the reds heavily because I didn't think they popped enough and I thought that if anything something has to pop in all of my photos. I sent the photo over to my bestfriend who put a stamp of approval on it. He told me that he wanted a skyline shot of the city so I did just that. It was sealed in history as my first skyline photo and it had those light streaks I love so much in it.

I knew what type of photos I wanted to take going forward and I set out by myself for the first few months. I took photos of different scenes from everywhere in the city and I watched how my photography, editing and even my demeanor changed with every photo.

Hundreds of photos later, I realized that I was mentally in a much better place than I was when I first started my journey. I dropped a lot of fake friends and found so many real friends. I quit the job that was killing me and found a job I love to do. I continued taking photos because it felt amazing when I got the money shot.

One year later... I did something I never do and that's return to the spot where I took a photo. One year later I wanted to see how much my photography has changed.... So I did just that…

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