ICYMI: Live-stream w/Myles Gelbach

Photo by Myles Gelbach

Hey Shooters,

ICYMI, tonight, we met up with Myles Gelbach (@mylesperhour_photography) and we spent the evening on the rooftop of his condo and talked photography. Here are some of the highlights and tips from Myles himself!

Myles is a 30 year old Charlotte native who grew up in the Dilworth neighborhood. When he's not working his full time job you can catch him out taking gnarly photos of the city skyline, mind-blowing lightning shots or even out in the mountains catching the Milky Way!

Myles' love for watching storm came from spending days on the front porch with his dad as a kid watching storms roll in and out of the region. Myles has been taking photos since November 2019 and started with an A/6000 but currently uses a Sony A7iii. He's mostly out shooting with his 50mm, but, in his arsenal he also has a 14mm, 20mm and a 70-300mm telephoto lens! His styles of photography are: long exposures, cityscapes, astrophotography and landscapes.

During the live stream, questions were asked about how to shoot some of the photos he takes. Here's a quick rundown of some basic tips and settings that Myles uses to capture photos!

Tips for Shooting Lightning

  • Shoot fully manual or Shutter priority (depends on the situation)

  • Always shoot manual focus

  • No more than 6 sec exposure length (shutter speed)

  • Setup a timelapse using an external intervalometer (or internal, depending on the camera), turn off long exposure noise reduction and shoot every 6 secs for 6 secs.

Tips for Sooting Astro

  • Get out before sunset, scope out the area and find your framing.

  • Use Photo Pills to see when the Milky Way will be in view of the sky


  • If you are setting your settings during the day, switch to manual focus and focus on the furthest object to where it's in focus; if you're already out at night, find the brightest star in the sky and focus until it's in focus.

  • ISO 1600-6400 (start low and go high)

  • Open the aperture as wide as it will go

  • Use Photo Pills to determine the shutter speed, but, generally somewhere between 8-15 seconds could do the trick.

Tips for Shooting at Night


  • Use aperture priority mode (f8-f11)

  • Shutter speed - doesn't matter, but, play around with to see what works best. If not bracketing, underexpose your photo by one stop

Remember, settings will differ from camera to camera and highly depends on the situation, so be creative and try different settings out!

Now, we've mentioned a few apps already such as Photo Pills and these are some of the apps that Myles uses when he's out doing lightning shots or astrophotography. I've linked them below to their respect app stores so be sure to check them out. Please be reminded that some of the apps may be paid apps and we do not get any commission from any links within this article; Myles says though "they're worth it!" so definitely try them out if you think they will help! Those links will be at the bottom of this article!

Before we leave out of here for the evening, we wanted to let you know that you can contact Myles on Instagram (see handle above) and you can also purchase prints from his website MPHPhotos.com

If you didn't get a chance to see the live stream check it out below or on our IGTV on Instagram!

That's all for now for us from the CLT Shooters crew. Be sure to check out our other events for this month and stay tuned for other articles and updates!

We have new features rolling out soon that everyone will enjoy!

Talk soon Shooters!

Links Mentioned in Article

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My Lightning Tracker

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Storm Radar - by Weather Channel

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