I Heart Rail Trail Is Back!

By Veronica LeMaster

Looking for somewhere (or something) to shoot this weekend? We have the spot for you! Grab your camera and head to South End this Friday because I Heart Rail Trail is back and bigger than before!

From February 19 through March 7, along the Rail Trail in South End will be filled with local, never-before-seen interactive light installations that would make for a unique backdrop, or subject, to your shots! Presented by U.S. Bank, the installation footprint will go from Carson Blvd. to Atherton Mill. and will have live music, performances, and other surprises along the way.

Here is the lineup to help you plan your stroll, courtesy of South End CLT:

o Light Beans by Luvly Moon - 1100 South plaza (at the apartment splash pad)

o Threads by Kit Kube – Charlotte Urban Design Center plaza (1507 Camden Road)

o Covid Confessionals by Rachel Dickey – Dimensional plaza (1515 S. Tryon)

o Lover’s Lighthouse by Sharon Dowell & Chris Holston – 1616 “Coop” (1616 Camden Rd. above Leroy Fox)

o Seating ReArrangements by Ellie Richards – Dilworth Artisan Station Plaza (118 E. Kingston Ave.)

o Fairy Ring by Meredith Connelly – Atherton Plaza (2102 South Blvd.)

Visit here for details on the installations and artists.

*CLT Shooters is not in any way affiliated with I Heart Rail Trail. This is simply an appreciation post.

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