Featured Photographer: Jason Robey

This week's Featured Photographer is Jason Robey (@wicked_garden_media_2).

Originally from Maryland, Jason has also lived in Salt Lake City and Phoenix, before moving to Charlotte last year. He started shooting in 2015 as a concert photographer and recently has shown an interest in portrait photography. His other interests center around creative and abstract shots like long exposures and water drops.

Jason’s passion for photography comes from being able to capture a special moment and seeing the smile his photos put on a client’s face. As a photographer and musician, he’s had the opportunity to shoot one of his personal heroes in 2018, Slash. It’s also allowed him to capture some shots of his seven year old son that he will cherish forever.

Currently, Jason shoots with a Canon 80D body, along with a range of lenses for different purposes. For shooting concerts, he uses a Tamron 70-200mm and Sigma 17-50mm. For portraits he uses a Canon 50 and 85mm. He’s hoping to continue to work on his portraits and improve his culling and editing process.

While Jason’s ‘Photograph Bucket List’ on a Google drive folder is constantly growing, at the top of his ‘Musicians to Photograph’ list is the band Pearl Jam. Along with his bucket list folder, he also keeps a folder of photographs that have inspired him along the way. He often references this folder when looking for new inspiration, allowing him to come up with his own unique ideas.

You can find Jason and more of his work by following him on Instagram and Facebook.

His Instagrams are @wicked_garden_media (music photography) and @wicked_garden_media2 (creative and portrait).

His Facebook is Wicked Garden Media.

- CLT Shooters

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