Featured Model: Sydney Tate Bradford

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

This week's Featured Model is Sydney Tate Bradford (@sydneytateb). In this article Sydney answers some questions about modeling and her experiences working with photographers.

Where are you from/where are you a model?

I’m living in Clover, SC and am modeling in the surrounding SC & NC areas.

How long have you been a model?

January 16th of this year was my first shoot as a model instead of a photographer (with @dionna_bright !!) Before then, I had only done self portraits and was never able to put myself in front of someone else’s camera and feel fully comfortable.

How important is your portfolio?

Experience is intensely useful and a portfolio gives me an opportunity to showcase my range of work all in one place. It will never be all I can do, but it’s a good preview of possibilities for potential clients.

What image/ theme/ vibe do you want to portray in modeling?

Comfort, emotion, & a sense of self.

Portraits taken by @capturettephotos

Do you do runway walks, campaign shoots, brand shoots, editorial shoot? And which is your favorite?

I am interested in each area, but editorial shoots have my heart! If I can snag any of these gigs in the first half of this year, I’ll be over the moon.

What brand would you model for if you could pick any? Michelle Hébert

Favorite designer? Michelle Hébert

How important is a model and photographers relationship?

It depends on the style of the shoot for me. I love connecting with people on a deeper level, but I understand there can be shoots where the focus is just getting the job done. I’m confident in myself committing to the task and getting that done, however, I’ve been extremely fortunate to form relationships with most of the photographers I’ve been able to work with lately. Some of my favorite friendships have evolved from this dynamic of creativity.

What helps a model be more relaxed and confident in a shoot or show?

If I know the look or style beforehand, I’ll practice poses or facial expressions in the mirror so that my muscles can get with the game plan, but I really just go with whatever feels right in the moment. It’s always okay if you’re unsure of a movement to check with the photographer or ask how a certain movement appears on camera. The most important thing I’ve done is just to really think of the intended message and do the best you can to deliver that through facial & body expression.

-CLT Shooters

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