5 Valentine's Day Shoot Ideas

The most romantic day of the year is almost here, and now is the perfect time to start preparing for it.

As photographers, we all know that creating something unique is important. On holidays such as Valentine’s Day, photographers are met with a challenge due to the world’s commercialized ideals of love. Thankfully, there are ways to get your one-of-a-kind shot while still being true to the day of love. Here are our 5 ideas for Valentine’s Day shoots that will stand out from the crowd.

No Faces

A great way to get an intimate shot that will leave the audience on their toes is to not photograph the subject’s faces. Try having a candid moment with the couple holding hands, walking off towards the distance, or simply playing footsy. This allows for an intimacy that your audience won’t expect and will leave them wanting more.

Incorporate Flowers and Plants

Flowers are universally known as signs of love, so incorporating them in your Valentine’s Day-themed shoot easily adds that emotion without having to try too hard. Try photographing outside in a green area, or simply bring a bouquet to the set.

Candid Couples

Nothing says love more than crossing the street hand-in-hand together. For a unique but intimate shot, try having your subjects act as if they were doing everyday things such as riding the light rail or grabbing their morning coffee Uptown. Having this sense of “raw everyday love” lets your work tell a story it couldn’t in a posed setting.

Up Close and Personal

If you’re wanting to create something more intimate, try having the models display little acts of affection. A small kiss, hugging, and holding hands are all a great way to portray love. You could also shoot a tight crop of their portrait to get a more personal and up-close shot.

Have Fun With It!

Have your models engage in an action for a fun, energized shot. It doesn’t even have to be something Valentine’s Day related. You could have them riding bikes together, playing with their dog, singing, and dancing- whatever strikes your fancy! Having a moving subject adds energy and soul to a shot that your audience will most likely appreciate.

By Veronica LeMaster

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