Meet The Photographers

Bobby Kerns

Wedding - Portrait - Product

Bobby Kerns was voted Best Photographer for 2020, by QC Nerve. His favorite lense is a nifty 50 mm. Bobby works by the ethos that his photography is not only an expression of his creativity but also for helping people.

Mike Anthony

Weddings - Portraits - Real Estate

Mike is passionate about photography. That's his constant. He knows that photography is a hard line connection to a specific time and place. He is inspired by traveling - so much so that he took a trip to Argentina in 2019 to capture a total solar eclipse!

Sheree Taylor

Weddings - Couples - Editorial

A lot of soul searching led Sheree back to photography and she's never been happier. She loves to make a personalized connection with her clients by treating the photography as a gift she can give to them.Seeing the reactions of her clients seeing their photos for the first time is  everything to her. 

Patrick Meredith

Art Director

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Sloane Adler

Portraits - Families - Product

Sloane Adler chose to pursue a career in photography because that's what she loves. She loves the expression of creativity while also being pushed to be better and evolve. To her, photography is about freezing a moment in time. The most rewarding part of photography is the satisfaction of the client.

Andrea Mathis

Editorial - Maternity - Portraits

Andrea uses photography to tell a story without saying a single word. She understands that composition is what makes a photo great. She is inspired by perseverance and commitment to the client's wishes. The best part of her day is arriving at home and having her children run to greet her.

Paul Pierre

Real Estate - Wedding

For Paul, photography is about stopping time and creating history. He loves to shoot weddings because he thrives under pressure. He lives for the satisfaction and adrenaline of capturing those moments for people.

Carter Wade

Editorial - Product - Fashion

Carter has been shooting professionally for 15 years. His favorite lens is his 85 mm for the sharpness of images. He is inspired by Ansel Adams, Annie Leibowitz, and Tyler Shields. The best part of his day is getting to sit down and have dinner with his wife and kids. 

Kianna Vinson

Portrait - Families - Boudoir

Kianna uses photography as an outlet for creativity. Her favorite lens is a 90 mm Macro for portrait photography. She loves capturing the essence of others and helping them see themselves. She is inspired by glass sculptor, Dale Chihuly, due to his abstract nature.

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