Studio Rental

Ready to create? CLT Shooters now offers a studio available for rent! Conveniently located in Camp North End (CNE), just minutes from Downtown Charlotte, our studio space offers photographers the unique opportunity to shoot their clients in an indoor setting, while having the option to take them outside to shoot at the various locations throughout CNE. More more info about our studio or upcoming availability, scroll down.

Studio Hours:

(By Appointment Only)

Mon-Thur: 12p-8p

Friday: 12p-9p

Saturday: 9a-9p

Sunday: 12p-6p

Studio Location: 


330 Camp Rd. 

Charlotte, NC 28206

Hygge Co-Working Building in Camp North End

Studio Equipment: 

(Included in every rental)


2- Pixel Full Color LED Light

1 - Neewer Dimmable Bi-Color LED Light Panel


(seamless 10')




Navy Blue

Carolina Panthers Blue

(seamless 5') 



(Cloth Backdrop)


Tour Our Studio

To tour our studio and check out the location prior to booking you time, please send an email to or give us a call at +1 (704) 850-5032


Booking Information:


Studio Size: 20x13.5x8'



-1 Hour: $35 

-2 Hours or More $30/Hr

(studio equipment included at no extra charge) 


-To find availability for specific times and dates, please click one of the 'Book Now' buttons above. All available times for the date selected will be shown. If you don't see the time slot you are looking for, it has already been reserved.


-A 50% deposit, of your total bill, is required to reserve your studio time. The remaining 50% balance (and any additional fees) will be due upon completion of the reserved time. 


-Cancellations up to 72 Hours before the scheduled booking will receive a 100% refund. Cancellations within 72 Hours of the scheduled booking will forfeit their deposit of 50%. 

-Refunds can take up to 30 Days from the date of cancellation to fully process. 

Studio Rules

-No More than 6 People are permitted within the studio at any given time, including the photographer.  

-No Consumption of Food or Drinks (except water) within the studio.

-The studio will be left clean and the way it was found upon arrival. 

Additional Fees (If Applicable. Respect the studio and equipment and you won't have to worry about this): 

-Cleaning Fee: $300. If the studio is left a mess, you will be charged a $300 cleaning fee. Messes Include: Glitter, Body Oil, Food or anything else that is left that was not originally within the studio or building or that stains the floors, walls or ceiling

-Backdrop Damage: $25/Per Foot. Any holes, tears or stains, or anything else that is more than just normal wear and tear, that result in the backdrop having to be cut will result in you paying a fee of $25/Per Foot that is cut off and removed from the backdrop roll. 

-Equipment Damage Fee: $150 Minimum. Amount will be based on the severity of damage to the equipment. Please be respectful of our stuff. 

Building Access

-The doors to our building are always LOCKED. Upon arrival, please contact CLT Shooters via Instagram DM (@cltshooters) or Phone Call (+1 (704) 850-5032) to let us know that you have arrived. Please greet your clients at the door and let them in upon their arrival.  

-Do Not prop open or leave open any outside doors to our building. If someone from your party goes outside, someone must stay inside, allow the door the fully shut and lock, and then open the door for them, once they're ready to come back inside.


-Masks will be warn at all times, by everyone, when inside the building. Masks may only be removed when actively modeling or having photo taken. 

Terms and Conditions

By reserving and booking your studio time with CLT Shooters, you (and your clients) agree to all of the following terms and conditions: 

-I (the photographer or person booking the studio time) agree to be responsible for the conduct and actions of myself and my clients (and anyone else associated with my clients or myself that we bring into the studio) while shooting within and around the CLT Shooters studio and release CLT Shooters and Hygge from any claims or demands that may occur while in the studio, building or on Camp North End property. Furthermore, I and my clients (or anyone else we bring inside the building with us) agree to release CLT Shooters, Hygge and both of their employees and will hold them harmless from any liability which may arise from incidents or accidents involving my clients, myself or anyone else we bring with us, while within the CLT Shooters Studio, Hygge Building or on Camp North End property, to the extent allowed by law. 

-I agree to all CLT Shooters rules and procedures as listed above. 

-I understand that any cancellation of my booking within 72 Hours of the scheduled time, will result in me forfeiting my 50% deposit and that it will not be returned or credited towards any future bookings. 

-I agree to assume full responsibility and financially cover any damages that I or my clients, or anyone else that we bring to the shoot, may cause to the CLT Shooters Studio, equipment or Hygge Building before, during or after our reserved and scheduled booking. This includes any and all thefts.  

-I understand that not showing up and missing my scheduled time will result in the forfeiture of my 50% deposit and that it will not be returned or credited towards future bookings. 


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