Latta Plantation Meetup February 2020 

How we got our start.


What is CLT Shooters? 

CLT Shooters is a community and hub for CLT based photographers, models and other creative minds to connect with other like minded and local creatives. 

We host monthly, free, meet ups and other events, for anyone and everyone that would like to attend. Our meet ups are a great way to meet other local creatives, connect, collaborate and share ideas with one another. It doesn't matter wether you've been shooting for 5 years or 5 month, all are welcome to attend. Click here to learn more about our meet-ups. 

What's Next? 

Our journey and goal of creating a Charlotte based art community is only just getting started. Since the beginning, our slogan has been to Explore, Create and Inspire. And that is exactly what we intend to do. 

More meet ups, workshops, live streams and other useful tools for the CLT Creative Community, are in the works. As we continue to grow our social media, we hope to grow our website and create an online hub for CLT Creatives. To do this, we are going to be posting videos, write ups, interviews and other related new stories to our websites. We hope to create a space where local creatives can submit their work to be featured, share their stories and experiences, and even be connected with new potential clients. 

If you'd like to be apart of this community as it continues to grow, please subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here. If you'd like to submit your work to be featured, have some gear you'd like to share, or have something you'd like to share, to help the community, please click here. 

CLT Shooters was founded by Charlotte native and photographer Lucas Ayres on May 24th, 2017. CLT Shooters started as a feature account on instagram, with the intention of making a few new creative friends. In one year, the account grew to a few hundred followers and our hashtag #cltshooters had over 1500 uses. With more people tagging the hashtag and interested in joining a CLT creative community, we decided to host our first meet-up on October 24th, 2018, nearly a year and a half after our first IG post. We had over 35 people attend our first, in studio, meet-up. Around this time, we also reached a few other big milestones, including 1k instagram follows and 2000 hashtag uses. 

Since then, we've hosted dozens of meet-ups all over the Charlotte area. Including places like, the UNCC Botanical Gardens, The Charlotte Fair, Car Meet-ups, Downtown Charlotte, and local parks like First Ward Park, Reedy Creek Park, Freedom Park, Latta Plantation, located in Huntersville, NC and so many more! As of writing this, our hashtag has grown to more than 40,000 uses and we have grown our account to over 6500 followers. With all of the continued love and support we have received over the last 3 years, we've helped hundreds of local creatives connect, learn and grow as creatives and as a community. 

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4th Ward Meet-up March 2019 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What precautions are we taking at our meet-ups during Covid?

- We want to ensure that everyone has a good and safe experience at our meet-ups. To do this we have the following requirements:


  -All attendees MUST WEAR A MASK. If you do not have one, we will provide a free disposable mask.  If you refuse to wear the mask, you will be asked to leave. 

  -If you feel sick or have been recently sick, do not come to our meet-up until you are feeling better and have confirmed it is not Covid related. This is for the safety of yourself and other attendees. 

  -Spread out. We want to make sure that we all do our best to refrain 6' apart from one another. We know that this can be difficult at meet-ups, especially when models are limited, but please do your best to keep your distance. If necessary, stand back and allow others to get their shots before you get yours. 

  -Stay away from the models when possible. As in, do not get up in their face when shooting. Often times they are not wearing masks while they are modeling, so stay back and let's keep them safe. Without the models that come to our meet-ups, we wouldn't have anything to shoot. 


I'm new to Charlotte or I'm new to photography, can I attend the meet-ups?

- Yes, anyone and everyone is welcome to attend our meet-ups. Unless otherwise stated, all of our meet-ups are free and all you have to do to attend, is show up. 

What should I expect at my first meet-up?

- Expect to meet other local and like minded individuals and expect to welcomed into a family. Our meet-ups are built on community and supporting one another. If you have any questions about photography or modeling, bring them. Our meet-ups attract creatives with various skill levels and experiences. If you have a question, someone attending likely has an answer. 

What gear should I bring? 

- This can vary, depending on what meet-up you're planning to attend. But a general rule of thumb is to bring your camera, 1 or 2 lenses, walking shoes, comfortable clothes and water. For some meet-ups, an off camera flash or tripod may also be useful. 

How do I get featured on the @cltshooters Instagram Account?

- There are two ways to be featured on our instagram. Tag our account directly in your photos or use our hashtag in the caption. At random, we go through our hashtag and account tags to select the daily feature or features. There are no special requirements or prerequisites that you need to make, other than using our hashtag or tagging the account. The more you post and tag, the better the chance you have of one of our team members seeing and featuring your post. 

If you would like to partner with us to promote your brand, company or work on our various platforms, outside of a potential feature on instagram, including our social media and our website, please contact Lucas Ayres via email at